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Happy New Year everyone! I'm back to work tomorrow, like so many of you, and the blog is back! I'm gonna try and throw my ramblings on NIGG as often as I can in 2017, so thank you in advance for all the support and taking the time to read.

2017 has to be a better year. It just has to be! So many awful things happened on a world scale in 2016, but I guess it's so easy to reflect on the negatives and forget the great stuff.

For me personally, last year had so many special highlights. I turned 30, spent almost a month in France with my two best boys making dream radio at The Euros, a new baby completed our group, we partied the summer away, two special engagements happened for my girls over Christmas, I met Mary Poppins (childhood hero) and breakfast is still my favourite time of the day without a doubt!

I want to make 2017 even better. For the first time in my life, travel is my goal. I've hit 30 years on this planet and still never been to America!! Yes really!! So write yourself a tiny list of positive plans, if you haven't already, and stick to them. We owe it to ourselves to have fun this year. As the Kardashians would say, YOLO!

The Blink & You Miss it Christmas

Now I don't know about you lot, but for me this year the festive period was so desperately needed. I was totally busted coming off our final breakfast show and just needed a week of not switching on that 4.30am alarm. The last few days have been spent with my family and friends and, as with all good times, it felt like it went by in seconds.

Christmas dinner at Mums was epic! I reckon I could it eat every day - don't tell the P.T. 🙈and our family was back together again. My little bro came home, via a trip to the hospital for surgery mind you, but I'm so grateful to have him back even for a few extra days. I miss him badly, as much as we drive each other mental!

It would have been wrong not to have a few nights out and my favourite thing about Christmas is that it's a great excuse for catching up. I had lunch with the girls in Coppi two days before Christmas and there was such a lovely buzz, it's definitely one of my favourite places to eat in Belfast.

Boxing night was spent in Ollies; always good to get back to our old haunt. Think I spent every Saturday night in there when we graduated and got our first jobs. I didn't do enough dancing over the last year, so that's another aim for 2017!

The Merchant Hotel is one of the most magical places all year round, but at Christmas it is something else. I had a gorgeous meal there to celebrate my friend's engagement on Friday night and the steak was epic. Try the profiterole swans for pudding too - almost too pretty to eat! Then yesterday we were back with the family for festive afternoon tea, such a treat if you fancy feeling posh for a few hours. The building is so gorgeous, I spent most of the time instagraming the ceiling - sad I know, but if you've seen it, you'll understand.


You either love or hate New Years. Last year we spent it in Edinburgh with my permanently on fleek friend Jay, so this NYE had a lot to live up to. One way to get your day in is by attending 2 weddings in the one day. I accepted the challenge & made it work; attending Barbara's ceremony and lunch, then Purcy's drinks and dancing from 5pm (with a quick outfit change in the middle of course!)

Congratulations to my 2 lovely friends on exciting new adventures as Mr & Mrs! Babs had a wedding lunch in The Muddlers Club restaurant, where I'd never been before, but it was quirky, intimate and the food was just gorgeous. Purcy's reception was on The SS Nomadic and it couldn't have been a cooler way to ring in the new year, than on a boat, dancing like lunatics with friends I've known for almost 15years - no shoes on and a Happy New Year plastic crown on my head! 2weddings in one day, the key is pace yourself haha!!

Festive Survival Stylin'

I've lived in a few pieces over Christmas that I thought I'd share with you. Lots of my clients have been shopping with me in the sales & we've picked up some great bargains, but don't impulse buy! If you don't see anything you love then instead of buying for the sake of it, wait a few weeks because spring style is in its way & you're much better to invest in that!

Speaking of spring, I went all pastel for my NYE wedding invite in a lilac wrap mini dress from Topshop. It comes in a longer version, but I loved the sleeves on the short one. £60 - and it'll see you through to sunnier months!

Flat knee boots. My winter staple and my feet are thanking me for it. Santa brought me the gift of Stuart Wisemann in the form of flat black thigh high boots with a big gold zip up the back. I style them with everything from jeans and oversized white shirts to a little tweed Chanel style sale dress I picked up in Mango.

A good winter coat can take you into spring. Lots of you have been asking on Insta where I got my white coat with the gold buttons I've been living in. It's from River Island and I think still available online. It's the perfect crossover coat into the new year and it's dressy, but looks just a cool dressed down with high tops and skinnies.

I've just taken a fashion risk for me and bought an oversized pale denim jacket from Stradivarius for £30. It'll go one of 2 ways and look cool, or like the 5th member of Bewitched, so check out my Instagram for the fashion fallout!

If you'd like some personal styling to see you into spring, my new year diary (Filofax - yes I'm old school) is open for bookings so contact me on insta - rebecca_mckinney1

Lots of love,

Rebecca x

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